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Daniel Linares is a professional DJ, business coach and brand strategist who helps DJs, Wedding professionals and service-based business position theme selves as elite in their market. Daniel helps them work less and earn more, quite their 9 to 5, and become an in-demand, premium price brand in their market.

In 2019, He began sharing how he’s  grown his NYC based professional DJ/Events Organisation with other aspiring DJs. He is quickly becoming the “go to” expert in the event arena on all aspects of starting and scaling a successful DJ business. He’s shared stages with Gray Vee and Daymond John, To name a few.

The Experience

Today, In the event industry and marketing in general, the brands that shine are the ones that win over the hearts of their customers. No matter what size your company, branding in a personal, Highly professional way is the edge that you need to stand out. Daniel Linares will guide you through the often-times complex task of infusing your personality in your branding and will help you to build authority and build a loyal client base for years to come.

Presentations from Daniel Linares

The Ultimate Virtual Handshake: Cut Through the Noise with the Power of Video

There is no “Me” in Customer Experience

We live in a world where attention spans are limited. As a business, it’s hard to be heard. Customer experience expert, Daniel Linares, teaches you the secrets to getting lifelong customer through kindness. You’ll “feel-good” opportunities, and leave with the tools to build a customer connection that lasts for decades.

Everyone is always talking about the importance of goof customer service. Learn the critical different between customer service and customer experience.

Showcase Your Expertise: The Authority Video Method

How to Be a Gentleman

They say that chivalry is dead, but they clearly haven’t spoken with Daniel Linares. A customer experience expert and entrepreneur, Daniel  Linares has figured out the art of showing respect through action. This no-nonsense lesson gets to the point of standing out, getting your act together and being respected as a leader..  once and for all.

The Ultimate Virtual Handshake: Cut Through the Noise with the Power of Video

There’s no “Me” in Customer Experience

Did you know that Apple’s customer experience approach is inspired by the Ritz-Cariton ? Or that 33% of Americans consider switching companies after a single instance of poor service ? Customer experience expert Daniel Linares has figured out the essence of creating a customer experience that sticks.. and he’s going to share his approach with your audience. By pushing aside ego, making life better for others and getting to know customers as individuals, your business sales and retention rates are about to skyrocket.

Showcase Your Expertise: The Authority Video Method

6 Steps to Success for Event Professionals

  1. Mindset
  2. Branding
  3. Personal Touch
  4. Presence
  5. Event Experience
  6. Systems

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